विभागाची माहिती

Key Contacts


HOD Name: 

पदनाम: उप आयुक्त

Mobile No: +91 

ई-मेल आयडी:- dhule_dmc@rediffmail.com

नोडल ऑफिसरचे नाव: श्री. राजेंद्र माईनकर

पदनाम: प्र.भांडारपाल

मोबाइल क्रमांक: +91 9422786402

विभागाची माहिती

विभाग पत्ता: २रा मजला,नवीन प्रशासकीय इमारत,धुळे महानगरपालिका,धुळे - ४२४००१

दूरध्वनी क्रमांक: +91 2562 288301/2/3

ई-मेल आयडी:- dhule_dmc@rediffmail.com


Store Department of Dhule Municipal Corporation Supplies Stationery/ Uniforms/ Hardware/ Electrical Equipments/ Pesticides to various Departments, Offices for Health Department. A Tender is issued through the Department to Supply these Materials. The Tendering Process Creates Competition among Tenderers. This enables the Dhule Municipal Corporation to Purchase Good Quality Materials at a low price. Alternatively, the Objective is to Financially Benefit the Dhule Municipal Corporation.