Key Contacts


HOD Name: Shri.Gajanan Patil

Designation: CAFO

Mobile No: +91 9823520183

E-Mail id:

Department Information

Department Address: Second Floor, New Corporation Administrative Building,Dhule-424001

Phone No: +91 2562 288301/2/3

E-Mail id:

About us:

Dhule Municipal Corporation has been Administratively Managing the City since 2003 and providing various Services to the Citizens. All types of Financial affairs are looked after by the Accounts Department of the Municipal Corporation. We prepare the Budget of Municipal Commissioner, Standing Committee and General Board respectively as per Section 95, 96 and 100 of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act. Besides, checking of dockets/files as per Government rules, Conditions and Resolutions, Preparation of Financial Reports as per prescribed patterns and publication of the same are some of the Major Functions of the Department.